The telecommunication service provider of Interlife


An environment system of evolved connectivity that transforms the world into a computer.


The first application of Interlife makes your event a playground of light. Everyone with a light device is turned into a pixel that can be controlled in various ways by users.

Rock the Lights   |  Interlife Demo at LA Kings Game | Staples Center, Los Angeles, CA |  02•27•16

Rock the Lights  |  Interlife Demo at LA Kings Game | Staples Center, Los Angeles, CA |  02•27•16


These products are the technologies that power Interlife. They are easily customizable to cater to any event’s needs and significantly enhance the experience.


Interlife communication protocol


Highly intelligent Interlife device


The user interface for Interlife


Provide fans a world of immersive experiences


Increase engagement potential with consumers


Unlicensed Chimp Technologies and Rypplzz work as one to make Interlife accessible to the world. This unique partnership, the Interlife Alliance, is paving a new road in technology and how we engage with our environment.


So yeah, this is real. Let's work together.

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